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    Gaterman Manufacturing Co., Inc., has been in business since 1903 in the Manitowoc, Wisconsin area. This Company is a fourth generation family-run organization dedicated to fulfilling your fabricating and harvesting needs. We offer full service Contract Sheet Metal Fabricating to Mid-western customers. Our skilled and experienced employees are committed to getting the job done right, as witnessed by numerous quality awards from our customers. No job is too big or too small.

We offer a full line of patented crop harvesting attachments designed to increase harvesting yields. Gaterman Crop Lifters  non-clogging and spring floating action hug the ground, gliding under a windrowed, swathed, rowed, or lodged crop, lifting it gently over the cutter bar. You save extra bushels of grain, soybeans, rice, canola, milo, hay, and green or ripe peas. Harvest a lodged or standing crop in the morning, and a windrowed crop in the afternoon, with no changes or adjustments necessary.

Gaterman Manufacturing Co., Inc. is also an authorized dealer for the complete line of RIGID Hitches, Trailer Parts, and Truck Accessories.  Call for pricing. Visa/Mastercard accepted .

Gaterman Products LLC designs, manufactures, and markets high performance precision valve train components.  included are automotive and motorcycle hydraulic roller lifters, both retrofit and original equipment, engine valves, valve spring retainers, and valve locks.  These components are engineering and manufactured to rigorous standards and are available through major aftermarket performance outlets. 

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